“It is my pleasure to rate Beneath the Surface 4 out of 4 stars.The professionally edited book is insightful and beautifully written.”

Cecilia_L on Beneath the Surface




“A delightful first novel with depth not typical of a 100-page work. McCollister’s novel provided a sensitive and upbeat portrayal of a young man’s experiences that many of us need to understand better.”

Gail L. Martino on Beneath the Surface




“The Society of Living Poets was so fun to read. It was full of twists and turns, and at one point, my jaw actually dropped because I was so shocked. I highly recommend it!”

Kaylee123 on The Society of Living Poets




“McCollister does a fantastic job of reeling readers in early in every story. There are many emotional rollercoasters, and it is easy to become emotionally attached to the characters, even when they make (sometimes catastrophic) mistakes. If you're looking for a book that is entertaining, smart, and speaks honestly to the human experience, read this!”

Emma Bratton on Forgotten Letters of the Dead




“A psychological study of four diverse characters in four parts, this book slowly unravels a common thread woven throughout their lives, surprising the reader with a clever and satisfying resolution. Quick and entertaining, The Society of Living Poets had me wanting to restart from page one to analyze and admire the way I was set up.”

khamdoon on The Society of Living Poets